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Briolette Droplet Terrarium

by Grinco
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Briolette Droplet Terrarium

Grab this stunning contemporary handmade glass polyhedron terrarium, which serves as an open terrarium, for plant systems that require low to regular maintenance once the desired microsystem has been established.

Terrariums can last for years and the Briolette Droplet Terrariumis an exquisite piece the will bring life into any space.

Great for small space garners, succulent enthusiast, moss growers, carnivorous plants such as the venus flytrap or simple flower cuttings. Create that little world of your own in this jewel-shaped terrarium.

With this terrarium in particular, you can stand it upright or on its side and both look equally good. Browse through the photos to see what we are talking about.

Micro gardeners can choose to create tropical, desert, forest or even aquatic terrains within these beautifully constructed geometric shapes.